Fancy getting paid to write your own blog for a whole year?  The ‘salary’ on offer is $80K, that’s just over $3000 every fortnight – not a bad little figure for something you have possibly been doing just for the love of it for a long time already.  And if you haven’t started your blog yet – what a great incentive to get writing!

Take a look at BlogForaYear.com and you’ll see that someone has come up with what seems like a great business idea and a dream come true for those of us who love sharing our thoughts and wisdom with the world.

Now I said it seems like a great business idea and the emphasis here is on ‘seems’.  Let me explain…

The idea is that anyone can enter themselves or nominate their favourite blogger and they may, if they choose, make a donation.  The competition ends on 1st Jan 2008 or when the fund reaches $160,000 – whichever happens first.  And then whoever has received the most votes gets half the fund while the organiser gets the other half. 

What worries me slightly is that currently, there are 157 nominations, 50290 votes and only $1797 in the pot.  It’s already been running for over a year so unless some lovely benefactor is about to rear his or her lovely head, I estimate there’ll be less than $3000 in the pot by the time it finishes.

Mind, that does still mean the winner gets $1500 which is still ok if your blog currently brings you nothing (but grief!). 

If you’re going to put yourself forward though, do get on with it as the current leader of the polls has over 9000 votes already.  Your fans can vote for you as often as they want though not more than once a day so do the math, do the marketing and make a donation.

Me?  No, must admit I’ve lost interest already; it’s a hare-brained scheme too far for me and potentially an awful lot of promotional work for a tiny prize pot.

But do you know what I’d love?  For you to share the details of your absolute fave blogs, perhaps your top three?  You can’t nominate me (even though I know you want to) but you can nominate yourself if you’re prepared to give a bloody good reason why yours is so good.

I’m asking because I can’t always find a good blog read when I want one and I bet you have blogs you love catching up with, that I might love too.

Doesn’t matter whether they’re business or personal blogs, just as long as you think they’re great.  I’ll exclude Judith’s and Nicola’s (cos you know I love them) so my nominations are:

But the winner has to be:

I’d love to get your recommendations – just post them in Comments please.

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