The_globeWhat a blast we had on Friday when the Money Gym took up residence in the Globe for the first "Women Talk Money" conference, dreamt up by Judith in the shower one morning some weeks back. 

A beautiful venue is always a good start and plates of exquisitely nutty almond croissants do no harm either, unless one hasn’t yet mastered the art of keeping the dusting of sugar off your black trousers and in this instance I can only suggest you’ve got to keep practising and accept that it could take an age to master.St_pauls

Our view was across the Thames to St Pauls but inspiring as this was, there was more than enough to inspire within the room itself.  The event had attracted a great group of women, many of whom were already sitting on enough property equity and business and internet marketing plans to make a poor playwright’s eyes water.

It’s a paradox.  The people who most need to hear the information often stay home bemoaning their situation while those who are already switched onto the topic are like sponges wanting to increase their knowledge all the time.

On Friday we heard inspirational stories from women who had gone from spending their entire salary on doodads to owning a large portfolio of property all in less than five years.  And others who’d left stressful work situations in order to create something far more meaningful with their life.

Ordinary women doing extraordinary things with their time, money and brains. 

An event like Friday’s also serves another great purpose.  It creates a community of mostly like-minded and variously-skilled people who can usually achieve far more together than they can do alone.  Those relationships can be – literally -priceless.

The MonShakespeareey Gym intends these "Women Talk Money" events to become a regular feature in the MG calendar and you could do worse than come along and see for yourself how much closer you might be than you think to financial freedom.

As Shakespeare said:

"Gold that’s put to use more gold begets"

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