Every-woman-award5 Well, how wonderful is that – my website and blog design business, ReadySteadyBlog has won an award for one of its website designs!  The EveryWoman Network award for best website home page.

Marie Taylor and Jeni Purdie are the brains behind LivingRightNow.co.uk which offers inspiration and practical support to women "wishing to embrace a personal journey of self-discovery and transformation".  And none better to deliver this in my view, than Marie and Jeni, who are experienced coaches, consultants, trainers and master NLP practitioners.  Ex-company directors and published authors too! 

Img-living-right-now I know Living Right Now is a project very dear to their hearts so was delighted to be asked to create the site for them.  I particularly like clients who have a business-like approach when we work together.  That is, they understand what the purpose of their site is and therefore what they want it to do.  They want it to look wonderful but know that doesn't necessitate hours debating whether this shade of pink works better than that one.  They have a deadline so they are motivated to provide me with the information I need and let me get on with it.

Living Right Now is a business that continues to evolve and the website and blog will continue to grow as they release new products.  Why not sign up for their excellent free coaching programme which gives you a great flavour for what they are about.

So thanks, Jeni and Marie, for giving me this opportunity to work with you and thanks, Every Woman, for awarding the site with "best home page design"

One thought on “Winning Websites

  • Susie Fletcher

    Congratulations Marion. A well deserved award for a clear and fresh look to an inviting and inspiring site. It would tempt most of us in to sign up. Warm regards Susie


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