Happy New_yearNew Year!

I’ve had a very nice few days away, first spending Christmas with my folks in London and then visiting in-laws in Dublin and Drogheda.  Though officially the adults don’t exchange presents we tend to cave in at the last minute and so have a few prezzies each to unwrap on Christmas day.

He who must not be named bought me not one but two diaries, a veritable abundance for someone like me who only uses an online calendar but I’m sure I can use them to jot down useful daily snippets of information like… oh, I don’t know what.

Of course, the two diaries aren’t his best effort.  That was the year he bought me SIX books about Princess Diana.  I hadn’t realised I was such a fan of hers till then.

Anyway, our holiday travelling out of the way we now have a week to chill at home.  Well, I’m getting straight back to getting my work organised but Jake is enjoying doing as much nothing as possible before he goes back to school on Monday.  We sat down earlier to play one of the games I bought him for Christmas.

I cannot stand Family Fortunes on television but I couldn’t resist buying the board game because the format is quite a good one whether you’re playing 1-1 or in teams.  Besides, it includes the famous Family Fortunes "wrong answer ‘uh-uh’ sound module" which I knew Jake would enjoy driving me mad with.

Each question has five possible answers, namely the top 5 that one hundred members of the public have apparently given when asked.  So we took it in turns to ask the other a question they had to find five possible answers for, and used the egg-timer and ‘Uh-uh’ sound module to signal when time was up.Chicken

All went well till we got to this question.  Jake asked me "Name a place where chickens like to go".  Chickens?  All I could come up with were the oven (wrong, he said) and across the road – wrong again.

In desperation I suggested the seaside and was amazed when he said yes.  Chickens at the seaside?  Oh well.  At that point, unfortunately, our time ran out and he started giving me the other four answers: Theme park, the circus… 

"Hold on" I said, "let me see that card".  When I read the question, I realised it was asking "Name a place where children [as opposed to chickens] like to go".

If you happen to get hold of the game yourself, I suggest you play with someone who can read.

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