Are we all watching S’ralan and his rather exasperating apprentices on Wednesday nights then?

Who to feel sorrier for?  S’ralan who has strict instructions from the Beeb to play the tiger even when he wants to awaken the pussy within, or those clueless young business brains who are going through hell for a one in 16 chance of earning £100K over at S’ralan’s place.

The Apprentice has been a top favourite for me ever since the first American series was shown with the Donald even though it’s yet another example of the lengths to which people will go for a bit of fame and fortune.

Of course, if we are to take them at their word, the apprentices all believe they are The One.  Like Ian this week, insisting

"Losing is a word I can’t even bring myself to say, it’s not in my vocabulary". 

Shame then that he lost the Challenge and got sacked… as should any team leader who could make a decision to stock his Italian restaurant with retail-priced mince beef and Dolmio sauce.

Talking of money, who wants to be a millionaire?  According to Judith Morgan, writing in her EFT blog, Tap to the Top, the answer is a truly shocking one so hold on tight to your Lotto ticket while I reveal her answer:

Not as many of us as you would think. 

Really.  That probably even includes you and me.  And before you protest and insist there’s nothing you’d like more than a large row of zeros in your bank account (as opposed to the one fat one you have right now), here’s what Judith says:

Eft_ann_ross In the first of a regular series with Ann, we thought we would address some of the issues which arise during the course of her work with clients in workshops, especially where they relate to money.   This week, the conflicting beliefs which may be stopping us from becoming a millionaire.

"I really, really want to become a millionaire but I can’t/don’t". 

If you really really did want to become a millionaire you would be one already, so that means there’s a large part of you which doesn’t want to become a millionaire, for whatever reason.   In terms of the Law of Attraction, this means you are sending out a conflicting message to The Universe – yes, yes, yes/no, no, no.  One foot on the accelerator, one foot on the brake which just keeps you stuck right where you are, no progress in either direction!

Can you see that you too could be in conflict, that there could very well be some unconscious reasons why you’re not a Milly yet?  Yes, while you are dreaming about the champagne lifestyle your subconscious might very well be focussing on Lidl spring water.  Or even on the stuff that comes out of the tap in the kitchen…

So, for example, I really do want to be a millionaire but (there’s that big but again):

  • I wonder if my friends would resent me?
  • My ex would start hassling me
  • I’d have to leave these lovely neighbours of mine
  • The kids would get spoilt
  • I’d soon get fed up not working
  • Rich people are full of themselves

There can be a surprising number of subconscious objections to making pots of money even while we print out those £1 million notes and stick them in our wallet or create vision boards replete with fast cars and pillared mansions. 

And this is where Judith and I and the other tappers on Ann Ross’s EFT weekends are focussing our attention, getting rid of those limiting and conflicting beliefs that seem so contrary to what we tell ourselves as we tread the path to financial freedom.

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