Today I bought a mini-trampoline.  I’ve decided to turbo-charge my life in 14 days with the support of Jason Vale – – and Judith Morgan, one of the other ‘wise women’ –

So I headed to Argos in Kilkenny as I spotted they have a mini trampoline for under €30 (even though I see the one JV recommends on his site is £99).

By the time I collected it I’d been into Superquinn to buy my veggies so after experimenting with various carrying scenarios we ended with with me carrying the shopping and the front of the trampoline box while Jake brought up the rear.

I thought we probably looked quite comical walking down the High Street with an awkward looking cardboard box – the car of course was parked right on the edge of town so we were pretty hot and tired by the time we got there and the last thing we fancied was a bounce.

It reminded me of the last time I went to Argos.  Aly was over from Gloucester and we headed to The Pavilions in Swords (Dublin) as I wanted to buy Jake a wardrobe, one of those rather nice (in my opinion) cheap and cheerful calico covered affairs.

Aly popped into the clothes shop next door while I waited for the wardrobe to come out from the warehouse.  I’d brought a supermarket trolley with me and when this rather long box came out, I managed to put it sitting in the trolley though it projected forward by several feet.

Aly was taken up looking at the clothes when she spotted a large cardboard box gliding slowly past the window and just knew that I would be at the other end of it.

I can’t quite remember why it was so funny but we spent the next hour in the shopping centre crying with laughter.  It all seemed terribly embarrassing to be walking round with this monstrosity (no, not Aly, the wardrobe) though I’m sure no one would really have paid any attention to it if we hadn’t been giggling and guffawing at the other end of it.

That trip that Aly made to Ireland came at quite a difficult period in both our lives.  We each had some big worries and it was such a relief for both of us to be able to talk freely with a trusted friend.

Just as importantly though was the pure solid laughter therapy we indulged in – in between the tears.  I remember another outing we had to get a key cut that involved a fruit scone and two of us sharing (I mean literally sharing) the driving.  We laughed so much I’m surprised we weren’t arrested for driving while under the influence of a fruit scone.

The wardrobe turned out to be an excellent buy.  I hope the trampoline will prove its equal.  I’m only sorry I didn’t have Aly with me to help carry it home.

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