So January has turned into February and I’m just starting to get into my new year stride.  Just beginning to accept the party’s over and that’s not easy when I haven’t even reached the bottom layer of the Fox’s Favourites.  In the matter of the three boxes of Thorntons Chocolates the defendant is exercising her right to say nothing.  Though we understand they were quite delicious.

It’s not the first time I’ve been dragged kicking and screaming into something I wasn’t sure about – starting with the day I was born, I guess.  I can be spontaneous, of course I can if, er, given a bit of time to plan it properly but I realise that the older I get, the more I give myself permission to do life at my pace, in my own way.

The more observant amongst you, and those whose memories have been honed and polished with Christmas Wiis, or Sudoku puzzle books (recessionary times after all), will also be aware that it has taken me a whole year to post to WryVita.  I mean, how much planning does it take to write a personal blog post?

Truth is I’ve had nothing to say.  Well, I’ve had plenty to say but nothing to share.  When things are tough it’s helpful to get a good listening-to but when things are really tough we sometimes need to tuck our beak under our wing and sit them out.  On our own.

Sometimes I sits and thinks.  And sometimes…

However, no wish to be a drama queen.  It’s likely been no more difficult than what you’ve been going through and maybe not even half as bad (God help you) but I just didn’t want to come over here and have a whinge-fest.  You should always leave WryVita feeling better than you did when you got here.  Rules is rules, mate.

However busy you are, I wonder if I can wangle another 37 seconds out of your busy day.  Come on, you’ve only wasted 15 seconds reading this blog post so you can watch this clip below, laugh spontaneously and still have change left over from a minute.

One thought on “A Timely Post

  • Ann Harrison

    Hello you! Long time, no speak… I loved Mrs Brown’s Boys – so funny. I’ve been hoping that they’d only made an initial 6-programme series and hadn’t just stopped screening it mid-run because people weren’t watching it. It completely disappeared from iPlayer following the end of the last episode too. (Hope you’re well.)


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