The BBC Apprentice with S’ralan aka Lord Sugar is back and last night’s episode, the first in the series, was a real corker.

Relegated to watching on a TV without Sky Plus – since the majority of residents had hogged my main TV to watch Rangers beating Dundee (not the result they were hoping for, I hasten to add) – within moments I was cracking up with laughter as the candidates delivered their first unintentional punchlines and wishing I could pause and rewind and get a few more laughs into my not-funny-enough day.

Last night’s episode was highly educational.  We now know that “the sky’s the limit” is losers’ talk.  These days there are footsteps on the moon.  We know that if you are the shortest or youngest in the room then others must make allowances for you.  We’ve gotta roll with the punches.  Orange spherical objects you might see on sale in the market are a little-known fruit called an ORANGE.  If you are given 24 hours to invest and grow £250 hang onto half of it just in case.

Edward Hunter, despite (or possibly because of) being the youngest and shortest, volunteered to be first for the firing squad and I have to say he was a sitting target.  There was no planning, no calculation of costs, no inclusive team briefings, no thought about using people’s best skills, no idea what those juicy orange balls were.

Of course I too was once 25, and short, and I can vouch for the fact you know everything at that stage of your life.

We usually swiftly forget the firees in the first couple of weeks but I have a strong sense his legacy will live on.  Not alone did he have the most stunning green eyes (he must surely be a relation of Sandeesh Samra) but there must be a place for him on the England football squad or the British government with that catch phrase – We’ve gotta roll with the punches.

He might have lost the challenge but blindfold already in place, he walked bravely to his fate.  Edward Hunter, gone but not forgotten.

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