Are you a tapper?  Meaning – are you into Emotional Freedom Techniques?

If you are – or are open to finding out more about it right now – then you must check out the EFT World Summit

It consists of two presentations every day for 9 days and they are covering lots of great subjects – from explaining the basics of EFT and how it works to losing weight, quick and dramatic pain relief, clearing debt, raising your personal energy, relationships and lots more.

They are going to turn all the presentations into a digital product you can buy so they say each day's presentations are only staying up for 24 hours but in fact as long as you insert the correct day number into the URL you can still access all of them.

I've been listening each day to snippets of the presentations and am particularly enjoying the introductory discussions and great tapping scripts.  Judith and I have been tapping virtually every day for the last three weeks and though I believe our personal scripts are very powerful, it's always good to hear the experts' versions.  They are better than mine for peeling away the different layers of an issue I might not do so thoroughly on my own.

EFT is one of those tools I've been picking up and putting down for years.  I go for weeks and months ignoring it but re-creating the tap habit never fails to make me feel better.

Yesterday morning, minutes before my Skype tapping session with Judith, I recollected an incident that had happened 14 years ago when I was eight months pregnant.  

I was at a family wedding and was having a 'pregnant woman's problem'.  Nothing gory but I needed some time on my own with access to a bathroom.  My husband asked the groom (a very close family member) if I could borrow their room briefly and he said no.  Just categorically no.

In his mind there must have been a good reason for being a complete nasty bastard (!) but remembering this incident yesterday I cried and realised I was still holding resentment about it.  Strange thing is, I really haven't thought about it consciously for years yet for it to have surfaced yesterday out of nowhere means I'd never let go of it.

It was a bit like bursting a nasty little pimple!  I could feel where the emotion was (in my tummy) and could easily assess how bad it was at the start (a 9).  Crying about it was really odd but it's quite a while since I cried and it helped release the resentment.

I brought this to the tapping call with Judith and as we were tapping on the resentment I realised I could connect it with resentment I felt towards other people much closer to home and much more current.  Perhaps it was just safer for me to get in touch with the emotion by first of all accessing a trivial incident with someone unimportant from so many years ago.  Consciously, I didn't realise I resented anyone for anything but all of a sudden, there it was – bang.

I may have more tapping to do on this one still.  It's peeling away the layers of the onion and going through the Personal Peace Procedure which Gary Craig explains in that link.  I've never felt that committed to listing every specific bothersome event as it's sometimes hard to know what's really bothersome and what isn't.  I'd never have remembered that specific event, for example.

Anyway, if you're a tapper – or are interested in finding out more about EFT, do check out the EFT World Summit.  You are bound to learn something really useful.

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