During my life-changing weekend in London – of which more in due course – Judith who runs a high class private B&B in Canary Wharf was wittering on about Hilda Carroll’s hyper-challenging game of blog tag to share those songs that make our hearts sing, Hilda being the happiness coach.  I zoned out after two minutes and managed to re-write War and Peace in my head before she’d finished bleating on about it but my take on what she said is this:

"Hilda’s blog-tagged me and said it would be really quick and easy for me to play but it’s taken me all week and has involved hours of internet research, four sessions in a flotation pool, early morning meditations, an emergency meeting with my dream team and some electric shock treatment.  And I still haven’t managed to complete the task.

Lest you think I mis-represent her agonies, read her eventual and delightful  blog posting here.  Then read on to get my offering.

It’s surprising really that she tagged me because she might have expected me to take off the next fortnight to do it right.  You see I’m the perfectionist around here.  I’m the one who drafts and tweaks and drafts again, who spends an entire morning choosing between the blue font and the very blue font then is shaken awake by the grammar gremlin at 3 in the morning because my subconscious has detected a stray semi-colon slipped into my sales copy that will be noticed by no-one but every other sad perfectionist.

Judith should leave perfectionism to those of us who can do it, well, perfectly.  Though I must say in this instance she’s done a pretty good job of endless faffing around with her music choice.  But it’s worth it actually because it’s a wonderful track she’s picked – Everything by Michael Buble.

To be honest, I’m letting go of perfectionism.  My own music choice took me just under two minutes to come up with; eight minutes to find an acceptable version of the song on YouTube (primarily because of my slow connection) and 47 seconds to find the lyrics. 

I’ve chosen Bill Withers’ "Lovely Day".  BW wrote some great songs in fact, like "Lean On Me" and "Aint No Sunshine" which featured beautifully in "Love Actually" in a very clever piece of filming.

You can remind yourself of the lyrics of "Lovely Day" right here and you can listen to a version of the song with some pretty cute pix by wandering over to YouTube.

2 thoughts on “Songs that Make Your Heart Sing

  • Hilda

    Hi Marian,
    thanks so much for playing along with this. What a lovely choice of song! I hope to have the compilation complete by the middle of July and will you know when it’s done.
    all the best,

  • myspace design

    Thanks for sharing. this is great!


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