I’ve gone tap crazy since the EFT workshop, Success on Tap, in London two weeks ago and I’m feeling… something I can’t easily describe or define.  Brilliant, bright, amazing maybe?  Upbeat, unbeatable, certain?  Powerful, abundant – oh this is mad.  What’s going on? 

I think the reason for this high level of feeling-good-ness is partly to do with the EFT itself, the act of tapping on various energy points to release negative emotions and limiting beliefs.  Equally though, it’s being part of an accountability group, meeting every Monday evening on the phone, the creation of a private group blog and the setting in place of some new supportive habits and routines.

And because Judith and I are a pair of wacky bollocks personnified, we have added into the mix the motivation of daily emails and IMs to each other because we are nothing if not whole-hearted when we get the call for inspired action.

I wouldn’t dream of boring you with the detail of the daily habits we’ve put in place but would like to share one aspect and that’s the part I do first thing each day.

I have the luxury of usually being first downstairs in the morning so I get the kettle on, throwing cats out or in, depending on whether they were in or out to start with, and release the dog to go water several car tyres.

After six months off coffee I confess I’m enjoying every minute of my reacquaintance with the coffee bean and am not the slightest bit put out that this is usually in the form of a mug of Nescafe or Gold Blend as I settle down at the breakfast bar with my 45p Asda notebook. 

I then write my daily script and this is really what I mean to share with you rather than the cat, coffee or cut-price notebook bits.

My daily script is where I write my intentions, choices and "wouldn’t it be nices?"  If I wanted it could be the same script each and every day because we make our own rules here according to what feels good and what feels even better.  But I like to vary it each day depending on what my plans are and where my work and personal foci are.

Judith and I and the other tap tarts are experimenting as we go along.  Up till now my daily script has been something like this:

I choose for today to be filled with wonder and delight.  I choose to be more loving towards others and especially towards myself.  I choose to accept my failures without giving up my standards.

I choose to listen to my body and eat nutritiously and treat it with love and respect.

I choose to reflect on my beliefs and make time for my tapping.

I choose to focus on my work, to make it fun, to give attention to my fears "and do it anyway".

I choose to accept all gifts from the universe today.  I choose to accept my greatness and catch myself being good.

It’s not exactly Chopra or Gawain.  It’s Ryan, hand-crafted with love and acceptance of myself. 

What I do with my script subsequently is to perch it beside my laptop where I’m conscious of it throughout the day without going out of my way to re-read it or focus on it much.  It makes me feel good though, as if I haven’t just thrown myself into the deep end of the day without caring much what I’d come across, but rather that I’ve chosen deliberately and set out to create the environment and intentions that are right for me today, and I have only to let go and allow my subconscious to lead me there.

This part of my new routine takes me around 5 – 7 minutes.  I give myself time to think about the day but go really with the first intuitive thoughts that come up.  Why not try it and tell me if you think it has any magic for you?

2 thoughts on “Scripting My Day, Designing my Future

  • Margaret Collins

    Hi Marion,
    What a great way to start the day.
    How much more fun than struggling to get up and eat breakfast before throwing yourself to the lions waiting at the office door!!
    But seriously, when something like this feels so good it becomes addictive – until more mundane matters and a break in routine knock it from the number one spot of things to do with your life.
    What’s your key to sustainability – or is it a case of evolution – the committment will last as long as the time is right?
    Anyway, off to write a script myself!

  • Marion Ryan

    Ages since we spoke, I thought you must have scripted and manifested for yourself a Winter cruise round the Caribbean with no internet access except to check on your shares portfolio.
    I quite agree with you that a break in routine often knocks a good habit off its perch or our early enthusiasm wanes when the magic starts feeling like just another task on the list.
    I confess that though I love the principle of Julia Cameron’s Morning Pages, I long ago decided they weren’t for me. Writing three pages each and every day felt like hard work and made my hand ache. And though I love writing (both the creation of words that together make sense and the physical act of holding a pen or tapping this keyboard), I’m far too visual and perfectionist a person to have relished scribbling those pages. Scribbling! Yuk, I’d rather clean the loo than scribble words on a page.
    Daily scripting is a light and brief five minutes at the start of the day. It feels terribly easy. In the last 16 days there have been two or three occasions when I’ve not done my script and that felt ok too.
    Yes, if I break the routine with a family holiday or urgent projects that are shrieking for attention, there’s always a chance the scripting book will be put to one side. That’s why I don’t buy into the idea that a habit takes 21 days to embed. I’ve developed life-long habits in an instant and given up other habits that I had been practising for months or years.
    I guess, to finally answer your question (!) I agree with what you’ve said already. If and when my daily script does become a chore and an energy drain, it’ll be time to move on.
    We do though, sometimes break a positive enjoyable habit simply because of a change in routine and that’s where the accountability group and daily IMs are invaluable; keeping it to the forefront of your mind because you know you’ll also lose that community when or if you give up the habit.
    For now, these daily scripts are helping me make conscious decisions about how I want to craft my day and my feelings. As I continue to do this, I find it’s as much to do with setting intentions for the feelings I want as it is to do with specific actions.


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