Those of you who know me, in the flesh or via these ramblings will know that I struggle sometimes to eat in a consistently healthy way.

If I’m in a hurry or engrossed in my work, it’s all too easy to just reach for the first edible item I can put my hand on and that could be a bag of crisps, a cereal bar or a couple of chocolate biscuits – oops and then the third one just slips down sort of on its own… except of course if eating the third one would leave just one in the packet.  Then, eating the fourth may be termed a clutter-clearing exercise.

On the other hand, I do keep my juicer at the ready, buy local or organic produce when possible and enjoy quite a wide range of healthy foods.  The truth is I just love food full stop.  And if I were just a little more organised and well-prepared with my food shopping and in the kitchen I would eat more and more of the healthy stuff, leaving less room for the dodgy stodge.

Someone who, in my opinion, has done more to ‘sex up’ raw food than anyone I know is Karen Knowler, aka the Raw Food Coach.  As well as walking her talk and eating her raw, Karen is one of the most energised and switched-on people I’ve come across and if you’ve not heard of her already, you will soon.  Er, actually, you just have.

If you’re lucky enough to live in the UK you might be interested in the Fresh Festival which is happening this weekend (28th & 29th Oct) at Rookery Manor in Somerset.  If you’re not sure whether this is for you then I defy you to read the menu details on this website and not dig out your running shoes from the back of the wardrobe, or your bike from the garage or even just jump in your car and get down there.

Alternatively, if you’re tied up or too far away or not sure you relish the idea of raw then head over to The Raw Food Coach website and take a look.  Lots of free info and a couple of fantastic e-books you can buy.  (Highly recommended – her 50 ten-minute recipes; I’m still licking my lips from the gorgeous and delectable melon smoothie I had earlier).

You can also click on the picture below to take you to the website.


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