Judith-flowers God, I'm happy today.

I'm having a life moment of unadulterated bliss and what's great about that is there is plenty of reason for me to feel bummed-off but instead I feel happy.  And isn't that just the perfect way to be – happy despite everything?

I managed to find my way to 8am mass this morning which always makes me feel I've done something right, met some nice Americans and came home with warm French bread for breakfast. 

First, though, a walk for Wagster and me and the rain overnight had released the perfume in all the damp grass so his nose went crazy and he raced around, wondering if he was going to find a rabbit or a mouse at the end of the trail.

Home and having found the most perfect and enormous watermelon in the shops this week, I then made two pints of watermelon and banana smoothie for me and Our Kid.  Died-and-gone-to-heaven R Us.

And then this precise moment (7pm) I'm happy because the house is peaceful.  Everyone is doing something they enjoy doing and they are all doing it in different rooms – hurray for that.  Ok, I confess there's a dog and a cat sharing my space but they are both restful and dozing.

I'm working in the snooker room and the sun is pouring through the window in front of me.  Yes, my office has a pool / snooker table in it.  After all, I am the CEO around here.  Next week my office might have a bed in it!  I have to chase the broadband signal, see, and Three love working on the masts in this area so that what works like a dream one day doesn't function at all the next. 

I draw the line at working in the toilet though.  At that point, the universe is telling me to give the feck up and get a life away from the laptop.

So why else am I happy?  My mum, yes the same one who left this world very nearly six months ago has been working a lot of magic in my life this month.  She is now an angel, the ringleader of a whole posse of the little cherubs, and she has been showing me how to work miracles.  I can't yet talk about one particular miracle but apart from that, she's been helping me stay focussed on work projects just when it's really important, she has rounded up loads of work to come my way and yesterday evening she sent me a heart in the sky!  Yes, you think I'm crazy but in a sky covered in clouds there was a heart-shaped opening which made me laugh.  I even had my camera in my pocket, first time I've ever taken it out on one of our walks so I got a pic of it, though not a very clear one.

Oh yes, she also helped me to a rare pool victory over Our Kid earlier today because we both knew he was cheating, not to mention a one-point win for Mayo, her home county, over Galway in the Connaught Football Final this afternoon!

I know I've worked a bit too hard this weekend but there has been so much to do.  In about 10 days I'll have the folks over to stay with me and that will involve rest, relaxation and a week's break in the West of Ireland so it is absolutely right to make hay while the sun shines.

There are stuffed mushrooms with garlic dip for tea (and a dozen other choices if we choose) and some of the sweetest juicest peaches in the world…

If I feel tired later, I'm going to have an early night with Stuart, that's Stuart Wilde who wrote "The Trick to Money is Having Some!"  It's a few years since I read this but it's such a great book that I'm re-reading it now.

I'm so grateful for the abundance that is everywhere around me.  I completely accept the hard parts of my life even when I don't like them.  I have a hundred times more things to appreciate than things to worry over.

A five star day.  Thank you.

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  • Susie Fletcher

    Hurray for Abundance! Thanks for this uplifting e-mail, Marion. Sometimes it is the little things that we see that bring the most Joy. Joy is contagious so let’s keep spreading it around. Thank you


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