One of the good habits I’ve been cultivating (if only they blossomed as quickly as the bad ones) in recent weeks is that of the gratitude journal.  This is far from a new idea but it cropped up again during Ann’s and Judith’s "Tapping for Abundance" weekend in Canary Wharf back in June and such were the positive outcomes from that workshop that a number of us resolved to make this one of our daily habits.

My gratitude journal is simply an A5 hard-back where every day (ish) I record some of the things I’m thankful for.  Why bother?  What difference does it really make?

Well, I only need a power cut to realise how wonderful my
electricity supply is and often, without the power cut, I just don’t
stop to appreciate it.  Taking time to appreciate it makes me remember how lucky I am and that makes me feel happy and feeling happy stops me moaning about some nonsense which just makes me feel yeuk.

Feeling happy is a very good place to be and if I can spend the rest of my life there it won’t be long enough.

But what, you ask, do I do when crap happens?  Well, I am getting better and better at appreciating it.  If it’s pouring with rain outside then I’m grateful I can stay home.  If I have to go out I’m grateful I have a car I can jump into.  If I had to forego the car then I’d be grateful that the rain is cool and refreshing.  In fact, the summer was so full of rain that Jake and I took to running round the farmyard just to get good and wet.

That felt so much better than complaining about it.

So I am indulging myself here and acknowledging publicly some of the things I’ve been grateful for this week.  And if it feels good, I may make this a habit, Abundance Sunday…

  • Electric showersChef
  • The end of the school holidays
  • Sunshine
  • Books and the worlds I inhabit as a result of reading
  • Friendly strangers
  • Raspberry and marshmallow cake – if Chef would only stop talking about it long enough to make it for me
  • Google Earth
  • Ring do-nutsSleeping_dogs_2
  • Sleeping dogs.  Let them lie.
  • Cats who sleep on my newspaper (while I’m reading it)
  • Pink leather photo albums
  • Abundant coachesKales
  • Typepad
  • Ryanair
  • 4 yr olds who love school and kiss you just for the heck of it
  • Bank holidays
  • School uniforms
  • Rain

You might consider trying the gratitude journal yourself.  I aim to fill an A5 page each night; that’s between 15 and 20 bullets but even 3 or 5 things you’re grateful for, that you remember to acknowledge daily (preferably in writing), are guaranteed to nudge you a notch or two higher up the Happiness ladder.

2 thoughts on “Nudging Your Way up the Happiness Ladder

  • Kate Bacon

    It’s brilliant isn’t it Marion? Thank you (and Judith) for telling us about it after the first tapping workshop.
    I’ve been doing a combo daily intention (beginning)/gratitude (end) of day journal since July.
    I’m still astounded at how it works. For instance, if I put in I want work to be easy, it just turns out that way…
    Kate xx

  • Marie Taylor

    Reasons to be grateful- love it Marion.
    A little bit of wry vita on a Wednesday morning really gets you thinking and rather than ploughing on with my e mails I am going to stop and do something far more interesting- putting my own reasons to be grateful list on my own blog- So, I am grateful to the lawyer of attraction and more than good enough mum this morning for inviting me to stop and think. Love Mariex


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