Judith has blog-tagged me again.  She has tried cajoling me to blog more often as yet again, the last few weeks have been hectic.  She has slipped the question smoothly and surreptitiously into almost all our conversations, asking – and is there a blog posting in you today? 

To which I’ve responded "there are many blog postings in me today". 

I had hoped she would slip a small but meaningful sum of money into my Paypal account just as an experiment really to see if hard cash would motivate me to get blogging but instead she’s blog-tagged me which has never been known to fail.  Next time, J, do try the money trick, as I’ve a feeling that could work too.

So… Linda Dessau tagged Sandra de Freitas who tagged Judith and it’s all about our favourite web resources but there are rules to be obeyed (never completely sure why) which are:

   1. MUST be clean. No R rated (X rated?) sites.
   2. Only FIVE links.
   3. MUST tell 5 people.
   4. A link back to the person who tagged you
   5. Lara’s Place is the meme originator

And so five of my toppest web resources are:

  1. Xe.com – I use this all the time to convert currencies
  2. Google Earth – Awesomely useful though I’ve mainly used it for fun stuff like going back to Le Mans where I used to live to try and find my then boyfriend’s house.  Where are you now, Bibi?  Or should I say Ou es-tu maintenant Bibi?  Not that I’m looking for you or anything.  You were a heap of trouble in 1982, gorgeous as you were.
  3. Web Appointments – the most affordable and straight-forward system I’ve come across to allow clients to book their coaching sessions automatically
  4. 13434 – the most wonderful discount telephone provider in the world, the only downside being you have to live in Ireland to access it – but how could living in Ireland be a problem anyway?  It allows me to call the US and the UK as I do endlessly for f*r*e*e!  Just a 5 cent connection fee.  The UK equivalent is www.18185.co.uk though calls there are not quite as cheap
  5. Typepad – so it’s a bit of an obvious one but I simply LOVE it and despite appearances to the contrary, I’d happily sit here all day and blog my lil heart out.
  6. Judith’s blog – whether I’m looking for business tips, fun, inspiration or abundance, this is my no. 1 landing station.  The girl just can’t help it,.

And I’m going to tag:

  1. Margaret Ntifo
  2. Lynne Lee
  3. Mica May
  4. Andrea Semple
  5. Madeleine Giddens

Oh sorry, was that 6 web resources?  I think I’ve followed all the other rules but had to break one just to see what might… Arghhhhhhhh

One thought on “My Five Fave Web Resources

  • Kate Bacon

    Bless you Marion…I was just looking for a cheaper alternative for international calls! x


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