No, not me.  The lovely Maria, a former client and wonderful coach herself says:

I’m looking to work with 1-3 pro-bono clients for a 90-day "perfect your life"  challenge  I am putting together.

When I say pro-bono I  mean non-paying in monetary terms but with a committment that they if they are happy with the results achieved, they will provide a testimonal/referral for me.

If you know anyone that could benefit from:

  • Increasing their energy levels,
  • Understanding their core needs and values,
  • Designing a compelling, multi-coloured, three dimensional  life/Company vision. So compelling it draws you to it!
  • Creating  a 90 day action plan to get them moving on the path towards their vision

Then please let me know or pass on my contact details: (Apologies, my website is currently under construction).

Thank you!


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