Gosh, it’s a bit dusty and cobwebby in here, isn’t it?  And look, so long since I posted.

The joyful irony for me is that I spend every day working with Typepad and have been so busy designing and refurbishing clients’ websites and blogs that I have completely abandoned Wry Vita.  But as no-one reads WV cept me, it doesn’t matter a jot.

Anyway, I was just enjoying the morning and felt the urge to log my thoughts here.  So what’s my pleasure?

First, waking up early.  It beats those mornings where you wake a bit late, a bit tired and never quite catch-up.  So even yesterday, Sunday, I was up before 6.30am and luxuriating in a rare bit of box-watching, the recording of Last Choir Standing and verifying the voting public and judges had made the right decisions.

And today again, up and getting work done before 7am, feels great.

Second, the weather is fantastic – an abundance of rain, hail and wind. 

Dirty weather, they call it but what do i care?  It has energy and
movement, makes everything glisten outside while inside, home feel even
more welcoming and safe.

Third, I’ve been working on a tiresome technical problem for a client and I’m pretty sure I’ve sorted it. I’m blessed with techy help for the things I’m still learning and the frustration along the way has helped me identify what I’ll do more of / less of in the future.

And this morning Esther and Jerry Hicks have said what I was feeling the last few days:

You cannot struggle to joy. Struggle and joy are not on the same channel. You joy your way to joy. You laugh your way to success. It is through your joy that good things come.

I buy into this with all my heart and I want to live with this intention forever.  Sometimes, it feels only polite to go along with other people’s gripes.  Yes, the weather is awful, yes, the credit crunch is desperate, yes, the price of food is frightening.

I’m affected by all of those things too but I just don’t think it’s useful to put my focus there.

But I’m not an Attraction saint.  I moan about stuff too, I just tell myself that it’s ok for me to do it!  But it’s listening to other people that drives home to me how crazy it is to find solidarity in the negative, difficult, challenging things that are "wrong".

I’m not denying life presents us with problems but we expect that, don’t we?  And most of the time, for most of us, the problems aren’t life-threatening.  Most of us will always have a place to live, enough food and more freedom than millions of people around the world.  How joyous is that.

So how am I going to go about joying my way to joy? 

I’m going to carry on relishing opening my eyes each morning and feel delight in whatever the weather is doing outside.  Carry on loving my clients and offering a great service.  Catch myself just before i start feeling sorry for my lot and feel more grateful instead.  Look for the hidden benefit in the problem.  Stop worrying about my parents and enjoy every day we still have together.  Laugh more.  See more angels in the marble.  Worry less.  Trust more.  Acknowledge other people more often.  Stroke the cats more and remember to buy cream for them.  Give Waggy more praise.  Give Jake a lot more praise.  Play more snooker with him.  Enjoy more Indians together.  Tap more often.  Fuss less.  Love more.  Take more time off.  Read more.  Tithe more.  Joy my way to joy.

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