I indulged in a nice spontaneous spot of self care today.  One minute I was sitting working at my laptop, the next I checked out the cinema listings online and made a quick decision to go and watch a movie on a wet Wednesday afternoon. 

It had to be a quick decision because the movie was starting in 45 minutes and the cinema is 45 minutes away.  I grabbed some fruit and popcorn (lunch) and my gym bag (my gym bag – did you notice that?), waved goodbye to the cats and dog and jumped in the car.

I spent the journey listening to The Secret which coincidentally was all about putting yourself first and got to the cinema on time.  The ticket lady was standing at the door smoking a ciggy and when I went inside, the place was deserted.

I couldn’t even remember the name of the film I wanted to see and she
and her pal seemed quite oblivious to the fact a film was due to
start.  They tried to flog me "Aliens vs Predator: Requiem" first.  I ask you.  No idea what it’s about but I was so not a candidate for it.

It turned out to be Dan in Real Life which I gather, if you’d seen any trailers for it, you would have been immensely disappointed that the film didn’t live up to its publicity.  I, on the other hand, didn’t know the film was supposed to be funny and I enjoyed it immensely despite one or two shortcomings like the unlikely ‘coup de foudre’ between Dan and Marie. 

But it was definitely a feel-good film with a large extended family coming together to enjoy a long holiday weekend, playing endless games together, singing what I thought was a very funny song about Ruthie ‘Pig Face’ Draper, while the matriarch and patriarch effortlessly and uncomplainingly cooked dinners for almost twenty people.

For a while I thought I was actually going to get a private viewing and was quite put out when three or four people came in at the last minute.  Even with my space invaders though it was such a treat to be sitting in a cinema on a weekday afternoon when I should have been working.  It was a delicious experience and one I’ll be repeating on a regular basis.

After a leisurely mooch around Tesco picking up asparagus (all the way from Peru, sorry) and more of those Naval oranges I can’t get enough of, I headed to Curves for my third work-out in three days.

Perhaps my mind and body have been taken over by aliens.  I simply don’t do work-outs or go to the cinema on my own in the middle of the day. 

If however, that is indeed the case, they are welcome to stay as long as they want.

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