Maybe it’s the time of year but a lot of us seem to be feeling overwhelmed and stressed out by our inboxes.  On the Money Gym forum, people are wondering how to deal with the amount of emails they’re receiving and in particular the vast array of essential reading that is coming their way.  One internet marketer is giving away 117 e-books and is talking about adding 20,000 new subscribers to your list.  At least I think he is.  You reach the point where you stop listening because you’ve heard it all before.

Now I’m not for one moment saying it doesn’t work or that he’s lying.  It’s just that some of us are so seduced by the magic words (subscribers / unlimited wealth etc) that we rush blindly in, mad for the quick fix, never stopping to consider what the offer is really all about. 

Internet marketing and chocolate have much in common.  They never go away, never give up.  They won’t take no for an answer.  When you cave in you are bathed in good feelings and all is well with tMoneyhe world. 


Because after the good feelings, there is often a bad one.  Why did I eat that third Crunchie?  And did I really need that 17th once-in-a-lifetime get-rich-now offer?

It’s a lot to do with social proof, isn’t it?  We think if we don’t do, have, read, buy, watch…what everyone else is doing, having etc then we’re gonna be like that little kid in the playground we witnessed all those years ago, the one no-one wanted to play with.  Perhaps we even were the little kid.  There’s no way we’re going back there.  Nossir, if there’s a bandwagon in town we’re getting on, even if we have to squeeze in beside some very strange individuals.

So we see it’s a time-limited offer for the first 200 people only and the scarcity frightens us into signing up straightaway.  Heck, we can find out what we’re signing up for later.

Up to a point I am right there with the internet marketers.  As long as they aren’t lying about what their system has proved capable of doing then they are quite entitled to make their offering as enticing as possible.  If they use testimonials, screen shots of their income and 23 bonus products to attract people to buy, that’s no different from a greengrocer shining up his Granny Smiths.

If the greengrocer is telling his customers that eating a shiny green apple every day is going to help them easily run a marathon in the next three months I reckon that’s unethical.  It might not be a lie but it’s not the truth either.  What he means is that if they eat that shiny apple and take some action every day towards achieving their goal, then it is entirely possible to cross that finishing line.  A lot of internet marketers in my opinion are lying by omission.

But we are responsible – entirely responsible – for our choices in life.  We all know that.  So it’s a case of caveat emptor – let the buyer beware.  The product in question might do exactly what it says on the tin.  More importantly, however, will we?

Will we follow the instructions, the formula we have been given?  For most of us – no.  If that were the case, we would all only ever have bought one such offer and would now all be rolling in it.  The easy part is handing over our money but when the quick fix doesn’t fix quickly enough we move onto something new.

Does earning a million require lots of hard work then?  Not necessarily.  We know some people have easily made a million so I’m not saying it can’t be done. 

It’s just that if we were to look at all the people who have accumulated a lot of money in their adult life from their own endeavours, we would find that the majority of them did work hard to earn their wealth, on the internet or off.  That doesn’t mean that you or I will have to do it the hard way; just that we’ll be more likely to make our fortune slowly and surely than on the back of a promise of overnight wealth from some internet marketer sunning himself on a Californian beach.

Sorry if that upsets anyone.  Or if you think I’m talking crap.  Feel free to leave me a comment and tell me I’m a loser who is missing the point.  In the meantime, keep buying the promises if you enjoy doing that, because amongst the rubbish there are goldmines.  Just consider spending 2008 taking action on what you’ve learnt already, rather than acquiring yet another secret formula to sit gathering dust on your hard drive.

2 thoughts on “Internet Overload

  • Lance Winslow

    Indeed, it seems that the secret to success is not really a secret at all, it is pretty straight forward as you point out. It appears to be to me:
    “Work Hard, Work Smart, Make Lots of Friends and Never Give Up!”
    Calvin Coolidge, Winston Churchill, Vince Lombardi and countless others that have come before us, lived their lives and shared their wisdom, all seem to point to exactly what you are saying here. I agree. Great post, spot on.

  • Kate Bacon

    So, so true Marion. I simply hit “delete” when the next Intnernet marketing email pops into my inbox now…too easy to get seduced into yet another scheme, instead of taking inspired action on your current projects. Not that I don’t keep an eye out…but it’s more around making connections with humans, rather than websites!


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