If you’ve watched The Secret and are getting into the Laws of Attraction yourself you’ll be interested in this. Emily Gordon recently approached me with an intriguing new idea – Instant Manifesting. She’s been working with Geeta Sidhu Robb and has been telling me how Geeta developed a system for instant manifestation, yes that’s right – instant!  You can bet when I heard that I started to get really interested!

So they’re now running a teleClass where Geeta will explain just how instant manifesting works.  Goal setting only works half way because it’s only half the story. If you really want to step up your life and achieve the things that you want while working in harmony with the Universal Law of Attraction then Manifesting is the most effective way to truly co-create your life.  They’re not talking about your destiny they’re talking about your life now, right now.  How to get what you want now! 

The introductory teleClass takes place at 8pm (GMT) Wednesday 14th March and costs  £21.00.  Sign up at to be there!

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