I’m just back from Judith’s "Success on Tap" weekend which was two wonderful days in a riverside venue in London’s Docklands, tapping for prosperity.  While Judith (pictured) organised it – and beautifully too – the event was run by Ann Ross who’s a master EFT practitioner.

EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Techniques and what that means, in simple-speak is that by tapping certain parts of our face and body we can release negative emotions that hold us back and perhaps have been stopping us from achieving personal success all our adult lives. 

Could that be you too?  I mean, why haven’t you got all those things you say you want?  Where’s the dream home, the constant stream of ideal clients and the housekeeper?  You’ve visualised them, written them down and created the vision board, for heavens sake.  And all those things already exist – so if you don’t have them, who has?  Rather more importantly, how can you claim them for yourself and the wonderful future life you’re looking to enjoy?

Annross When we hold limiting or negative beliefs about wealth and prosperity (or love, health, relationships, business and every other goal area we might choose) then subconsciously we repel that which we say we want.

If we say we want a million in the bank but subconsciously we believe are that a) our friends will hate us, b) it’ll take an awful lot of managing and c) it’s a really greedy thing to want anyway, isn’t it, when children are dying of starvation across the world, then we will always act in accordance with those beliefs. 

That means we’ll close our eyes to the business opportunities that come our way, fritter away our pay cheques on gizmos we can flog at car boot sales six months hence and put our savings on a three-legged outsider in the last race at Kempton rather than the more secure ISA recommended by our dad.  Then we’ll sit and moan about how unlucky we are and how nothing ever goes our way. 

If you think tapping is for the fairies then you’ll have stopped reading by now and gone back to the Racing Post and your selections for tomorrow’s race meetings.  But EFT is no weirder than acupuncture and that’s accepted a lot more these days than it used to be.  They both work on similar principles (I believe).

What happened for us this weekend was that we identified a number of the beliefs that serve only to hold us back from what we want.  We pinpointed the memories of people and events that created those beliefs.  We shared the feelings that arose when we relived these, together with their intensity levels.  And then we tapped to reduce and clear and release those emotions.  We did it en masse, ‘borrowing benefits’, which meant we were all tapping together for the individual and in doing so, clearing our own ‘stuff’.

Chris Barrow might call it ‘wacky bollocks’.  So might I for that matter.  But on Monday morning I had to keep checking the mirror.  I was looking for some physical evidence of the profound internal changes that had taken place in me.  The external representation I was expecting to find would have been a combination of Donald Trump, Mother Teresa and Cindy Crawford – their money, compassion and looks respectively.  (The universe messing those qualities up doesn’t bear thinking about).

In fact, I looked astonishingly like myself.  But internally, I’ve been decluttered.  A mentality makeover, an emotional enema.  That doesn’t mean I’ve cleared everything yet.  I know there are nooks and crannies I still need to poke around in with my feather duster, I suspect I’ll be doing that for weeks and months to come. 

But you know that feeling you get when you’re halfway through a major  house clean?  You can feel euphoric and light and clear when you gaze upon the order and cleanliness of the rooms you’ve done even while knowing that others are still in a heap and need urgent attention.  That’s how I’m feeling now.  The energy generated by what I’ve already achieved is motivating me to continue, to feel curious rather than daunted by what’s still to uncover.

Talking of wacky bollocks though, before you dismiss EFT out of hand, you should know that as well as emotional ‘house clearance’, it also works on physical ailments and phobias.  Visible physical evidence might be useful for any cynical superior beings out there and you can get that by visiting the official EFT site here.

And if you’re interested, read Judith’s post about the weekend and how she’s manifesting her heart’s desire!

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