Elephant1Did you notice I felt obliged to start yesterday’s post with an apology for having been away so long?  What am I like?

But did you notice how I did that?  By justifying my absence with an excuse for why I couldn’t blog for two months.  Pathetic or what.  In fairness to me – as none of you are jumping to my defence – I could have given you lots of reasons, rather than just one, for not blogging.

So tell me.  How big is your but?

You see, although I only shared one silly excuse ie too busy with other people’s blogs to write my own, internally I know I have lots of excuses for not writing here.

I would have written in Wry Vita today BUT:

  • Jake was on Easter break
  • I was in London
  • I’ve nothing to write about
  • I’ve so much to write about I don’t know where to begin
  • I’ve a great blogging subject; must relish it and save it for later
  • I’ve too many blogs; better not to blog at all
  • I’m having a brilliant idea and there’s no room for anything else in my life
  • No-one will notice if I don’t write

That’s just my first 8 excuses, plenty more where they came from.

Be honest.  What have you been putting off?  I bet there’s something important that should be part of your life right now and isn’t.  Maybe:

  • A health check-up you’ve been delaying
  • A straight-talking conversation with your boss / partner / child / cat
  • Your life story to write
  • A weekly half-day date with your husband or lover (enough half-day dates and they might even turn out to be the same person)
  • A monthly full-day laughter therapy session with your best pal (and that could be yourself)
  • Sorting out your anger problem
  • Discovering and living your life purpose

What important issue have you been putting off in favour of urgent stuff like catching up with your Desperate Housewives videos?  Ever think that maybe that’s why you are one?

But let’s not beat each other up.  I’m trying to bring some lightness back here by asking you:

How big is your but?

I don’t want chapter and verse, no naming and shaming.  But how many great crap excuses have you given yourself this year or this decade for not doing what you want. 

No time yet?  Ok, no problem, I’ll let you know as soon as they release the new version of Time, the one that comes with double the hours each day.  Till then, keep dreaming baby.

2 thoughts on “How Big is Your But?

  • Susie Fletcher

    Marion, you just make me laugh – I love it. I wish I could write as fluently.
    I will keep on having a go. I was about to say keep on trying, but up on my desk there is a post it note with “Try not. Do or do not. There is no try” Yoda. So I will do – next week – soon
    Susie x

  • Louise BJ

    You are so right Marion! Deep down (where the sun doesn’t often shine) I know that I am great at thinking up excuses for not getting on with things.
    Funnily enough, when I’m working with clients and they tell me they have a very good reason for not completing an assignment, I let them know that a reason is simply an excuse just like any other! Now to apply that thinking to myself…
    Thanks for the reminder.


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