Happy birthday to my favourite sister-in-law who is celebrating her 70th birthday today.  No, come to think of it, she’s not quite 70 yet but she will be soon.  Today in fact she is 48 so you could say she’s staring 70 in the face.

Not like that poor lamb.  I met Berni for lunch today and she gave me this story about how she was driving along the road and found this lamb wandering down the road on his own so scooped him up and returned him to his mum.

I expect he was simply on the way to the baarber, perhaps his Baa Mitzvah is coming up. 
I’ve not seen said lamb so can’t confirm his present whereabouts but Berni is skipping round, collecting mint from the garden with a large grin on her face.

When she’s not being incredibly annoying, I quite like her actually.  But please, please don’t tell her I said that. 

Happy 70th, Berni.

One thought on “Happy Baarthday, Berni

  • Berni

    Well what can I say, while trawling through the internet for a divine recipe for lamb pie….. sorry I mean beef pie, imagine my surprise when I came across this post and realised that my dear and beloved sister in law does not believe a word I say (even when I back up my story with pictures) I did in fact rescue the lamb and you will be glad to know that he is now resting safely in my bank account…. sorry I mean my freezer ….. No I really mean back in the field with his Mum. ahhhhh….


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