It's been a long time, I know. 

But life goes on.  It's 1st April.  Today we start the second quarter of 2009, another new beginning and another opportunity to seize the day, let go of the past and look forward.

I turned 50 last month and my friends were there for me, if not my family who were still too tuned into my mum's passing to take much notice of it.  One of those 'growing up' moments for me and at 50, it's high time.  But thank you mille fois to the people who can be thoughtful even when the world is turning so fast these days that it took me and my next door neighbour three months to bump into each other and stop for a chat.

I am rebuilding the tap habit.  EFT which despite being too woo woo for its own good does not fail to make me feel better when I keep at it.  Judith is much to do with this, having suggested daily joint tap sessions so we stay accountable to each other and don't stop the practice at the first diary clash, menopausal moment or jam doughnut. 

I'm also listening to powerful and positive stuff on my Ipod by night, not just when I go to bed but also if I wake up at 4 or 5 so no more tossing and turning trying to make myself sleep.  I just put the earphones in and drift softly back to sleep listening to some anonymous American guru telling me what to do and what to believe.

Yes, even contrary control freaks who know everything have times when they just want to relax into the soothing comfort of knowing someone else is taking charge and being responsible.  Just for a little while anyway…

Talking of grown-ups and being all serious, whatever happened to April Fool's Day?  4.30pm and not a trick in sight.  No newspaper reports of spaghetti trees, three legged ostriches or money found growing on trees.  Oh yes, tell a lie, Martin Lewis's newsletter this morning had a silly one about how to have a tax-free year, a little weedy and pretty tame.  Perhaps you've come across something good you could share with me – I could do with a laugh.

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