A Timely Post

So January has turned into February and I’m just starting to get into my new year stride.  Just beginning to accept the party’s over and that’s not easy when I haven’t even reached the bottom layer of the Fox’s Favourites.  In the matter of the three boxes of Thorntons Chocolates the defendant is exercising her […]

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Boosting Your Energy with Grace Marshall

Grace asked “What are your personal energy boosting tips?”
I didn’t answer her immediately. As it was the weekend I had to pretend that I wasn’t (still) sitting in front of my laptop… I mulled over the topic though as it’s a useful one for someone like me, a person of extremes, who feels that if I put down the job and go and have fun I might just forget to come back and pick up the baton again.

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Time Non-Management from an Expert

If I take nothing else from September, it will stand as a useful example of time non-management and clear evidence to rebuff one of our favourite limiting beliefs that at some point in the future we’ll have more time. Summer was acceptably chaotic.  The school holidays started the end of June and by the 4th […]

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