I was on a call tonight with Linda Claire Puig about creating subject lines for your emails.  Interesting stuff.  Early on in the call she was sharing a question she had recently been asked:

Do you believe that a moment can make a lifetime?

Linda Claire, from California, shared with us that she was presenting the call from Italy where she is living for 5 months, fulfilling a long-held dream.  She was able to do this, she said, because she makes a 6 figure income from her business (helping people write their newsletters).  What a fabulous outcome (and income) and a wonderful way to enjoy the fruits of her labours.

But it was the question that intrigued me and got me thinking:  Do you believe that a moment can make a lifetime?  Certainly yes.  We say yes to something and it changes our life forever, as demonstrated by Janet Swift who trusted her intuition and took herself and two teenagers on a trip to swim with dolphins in Bimini, fulfilling a life-time dream of hers.  The dolphins surpassed even her expectations by trusting her enough to show off their baby.

I’m not sure that I’ve yet had the moment that would ‘make’ my lifetime.  There was a time when I would have believed it was the night I met my husband-to-be, who is now my husband-who-was.  I still remember going to a business meeting the morning after my first date with him when the people I was meeting said jaw-droppingly “what’s happened to you?  You are absolutely glowing”.

If you’re a parent you will also understand if I say it might have been the moment my son was placed in my arms.  I don’t know if it was love at that point.  It was certainly amazement – what a little beauty.  Over the following days, I felt wretched for all the other mums on the ward – how devastated they must be to see my beautiful baby while theirs were all so ugly.

Can we by definition only get one moment which ‘makes’ a lifetime or am I taking that question too literally?  There have been seemingly more mundane moments in my life which have been truly life-changing.

  • The first time I saw three letters side by side and realised they made a word; gradually stringing those words together into sentences.  I can’t remember if it was a big sister, a parent or a teacher.  Whoever it was took the time to teach me to read, please know that you changed my life forever.
  • The day the examiner stared solemnly at me over his glasses and said “congratulations, miss, you’ve passed your driving test”.  Suddenly the world was my oyster, rather than my oyster card [poetic licence, you understand, as we didn’t have oyster cards 30 years ago].

Every day of our lives we make decisions which take us down a path to the next stage of our journey.  Sometimes we know we are starting something big, like moving to Italy for 5 months or falling in love with a stranger.  Sometimes we don’t appreciate the consequences of something that seems insignificant, like working out that C – A – T brings a furry feline to life in our imagination.

Have you had your Moment that made your Lifetime?  Have you had several?  I’d love to hear so do share in the comments section below.

4 thoughts on “Can a Moment Make a Lifetime?

  • Nicola

    Great post Marion and your sympathy for all the other mothers in the ward made me laugh out loud!

    If one is lucky, one enjoys a series of moments like this in one’s life, I’ll never forget the first moment I laid eyes on future business partner Steve Watson and the moment when Judith Morgan walked down the hallway at The Acacia, resplendent in pink, had a big impact on both of us.

    The moments on stage at the Cavendish Conference Centre, with Brett McFall (what a wonderful man he is!) when I just knew I was born to do that…when I held my first book in my hands (you will enjoy that one soon I’m sure!).

    Walking down the hall within an hour after giving birth to Phoebe (yes! walking!) and thinking “well, if I can do THAT and survive, I’m invincible).

    On the suggestion of one of my mentors, I have a list of over 75 of those moments, and I read them regularly and feel happy, humbled and very grateful. And we all know that’s a great way to feel in terms of attracting more such moments.

    I have a feeling, another very big one is coming very soon…I sent an email in reply to an email that felt fairly momentous and I have a hunch it’s gonna be a life changer….

    Loving your writing, I’m inspired by it too. Nicola x

    • marionryan


      Love the idea of listing 75 of those life-changing moments (how hard is it to come up with that many, or does one get in the flow and they just spill out?)

      I quite understand the thrill of presenting. And as for holding my first book in my hands… I get excited just hitting ‘publish’ on a blog post!

  • Anne

    hi Marion, Delighted to see you are blogging again! hm, interesting question that. I think I’ve had a couple of them. The day I saw the ad for a teacher in Africa (my last year in University) and realised “That’s my job!” and got it. The night I sat on the bed after I got to Africa and thought “what the f*** have I done now?” That’s another. And of course the birth of our son. Looking forward to other people’s comments!

    • marionryan

      He he, I know you have that boldness and spontaneity about you, Anne. But clearly you lived to tell the tale.

      I might have to write / compile a book about giving birth. Hmm.



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