Coaching and website-design client, Grace Marshall, asked two good questions on the New Coach Business Network over the weekend.  Grace’s niche is energy and self care and she asked:

  • What’s your biggest challenge or concern when it comes to self care?
  • What are your personal energy boosting tips? Do you have a sure-fire recipe to feeling well nourished?

I didn’t answer her immediately.  As it was the weekend I had to pretend that I wasn’t (still) sitting in front of my laptop…  I mulled over the topic though as it’s a useful one for someone like me, a person of extremes, who feels that if I put down the job and go and have fun I might just forget to come back and pick up the baton again.

So I will share that my biggest challenge seems to be that I don’t have a compelling why for focussing on self care:  I’m happy, healthy, stress-free, haven’t seen a doctor in years etc so it’s all too easy to forget I need to take care of myself. 

But what I really want to share are my personal energy boosting tips.  Because I realise there are so many really and I want to remind myself of all the easy stuff I can and do do.  "Do do"?  Now that makes me laugh – and that’s a great starting point for boosting energy, isn’t it.

Look, you don’t need me to tell you laughter’s the best medicine (with a couple of close contenders below) but what makes you laugh?  I mean, really?  Because we all have moments of unplanned laughter and if we’re lucky and mix with clowns, comedians and ordinary people doing exquisitely silly things, we might get lots of those opportunities.

Lots of us though, work alone or worse, mix with miserable people and for us, we might need to plan our laughter sessions.  I can only laugh at certain things so no good turning on the TV and looking for a sitcom.  I’ve rarely ever found a sitcom that made me even raise a grin.  The Office perhaps but what I’m really looking for is the sort of laughter that makes you think you might choke if you can’t stop for a gasp of air pretty quickly.

Though I can’t laugh at sitcoms, because the punch lines never catch me unaware, I can laugh at those video clip programmes where the unplanned happens and it’s caught on camera.  Yep, I know, some of them are rigged but a lot of them aren’t, especially the ones that involve little children and animals, (and I only find them funny of course if no-one gets hurt.)

What makes you laugh?  I mean really, I want to know.  It amazes me that we find different things funny and it amazes me too when we laugh at the same things.

I’m rather pleased that though the universe sends us times of tragedy and tears, these sometimes, years later, become the things that make us laugh.  A few years ago G and I got into a bit of a row.  Conditions were perfect.  I was wearing a very lovely new top.  He was sitting down to dinner with a very large squeezy bottle of ketchup in his hand.

Though we have never gone in for physical bust-ups, I have to say that on that occasion I ended up in the shower with quite an amount of tomato sauce to deal with.  Though I’ve never had much fondness for ketchup since then, the memory is one that now we laugh about.

But laughter is just one of a plethora of ways to boost our energy.  Another favourite of mine is bed.  As long as your bed is comfortable and warm and you commune with it for just the right amount of time each night, it is another essential in the bid for feeling our best.  My electric blanket and unique personalised mattress make my bed a joy to get into at night and as great a joy to jump out of in the morning.Singer

Another no-brain way to boost energy is of course to follow your passion.  Whether that’s Celtic FC, gospel singing or painting with oils, whether it’s something you do for love or for love and dosh, following your passion is a natural energy-booster.  You can get stuck in and not see the hours whizzing by, you can get so engrossed you forget to eat and your eyes can light up when someone asks you about it.

I was having a long conversation with someone yesterday about the trials of working for someone else.  I’m not knocking jobs, per se, they have loads of benefits, especially if you’re being paid lots of money to do something you love while someone else gets the headaches and ultimate responsibility.

A lot of people are not in that happy position though.  They work their socks off only to discover the young whippersnapper who is always late in, is being paid more than them to do the same job.  They put their employer before their family only to have their hours and pay halved at a moment’s notice.  That’s the downside of supposed secure employment.

But having a passion, or several, can only feed our soul and make us feel connected, whether it is our work we love or just that silly old soccer team.

Now, I’ve been gazing with love upon the mother ship too long today, I realise I’m ready for an energy boost right now.  Will it be bed or some laughter therapy?  I think on this beautiful day what would really boost my energy now would be to go and get some fresh oxygen into my lungs, go out and commune with nature and the cows, feel some sunshine on my skin.

So come on; do share with us here.  What are your own favourite energy boosts?  What makes you feel great and enables you to keep going?  Do tell.

And if you have some OOMPH you would like to regain in 12 easy steps, sign up to Grace’s free e-course here.

4 thoughts on “Boosting Your Energy with Grace Marshall

  • Lucie Storrs

    Hi Marion,
    Love the way you write – you’re so funny! By the way, when I just Googled your name, I was intrigued to see that “Marion Ryan was one of the most glamorous of the British singers of popular music to emerge during the 1950s. She could not only sing, but she looked good too. It was probably for this reason that she became a favourite with TV audiences. Her chart history is surprisingly modest and certainly does not properly reflect her general popularity.”
    You certainly kept that quiet!! 😉
    Re. what makes me feel great, I am currently rather obsessed by Flight of The Conchords. Check out this one: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FArZxLj6DLk

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  • Grace Marshall

    Thank you for the mention Marion. It must have slipped past my radar as I’ve only just noticed it – and funnily enough, just when I was writing about fun and laughter.
    Things that make me laugh? Here are some: http://www.grace-marshall.com/blog/2008/05/laugh-out-loud.html

  • Grace Marshall

    Ooh just came across this quote for you:
    A good laugh and a long sleep are the best cures in the doctor’s book. ~Irish Proverb


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