You don’t know how much I’ve been looking forward to this moment.  Two months since my last post.  Bless me, bloggees, for I have sinned…

Ironically, the very thing that has kept me away from my beloved WryVita, is blogging.  I have been utterly engrossed in designing other people’s blogs and blogsites for them and loving every moment.  The adult equivalent of colouring pictures or making pirate ships out of Cornflakes boxes, surely.

These days, of course, no-one’s eating Cornflakes the way they useta.  Now, it’s Coco Pops,Chocolate Weetos, ChoccieBix Squares and ChocPops.  Made the last two up, I think, to prove my point that anything goes for breakfast as long as it has chocolate in it.

Though, chocoholic that I am, that’s the one thing I draw the line at.  Anyway, I don’t want to talk about chocolate.  I want to talk about Dennis and laughter and maybe other stuff.

I’m sitting in the library.  Again, I know.  I actually haunt at least three on a regular basis but this is my favourite – Cashel.  I’m sitting upstairs on the mezzanine listening to the shrieks of laughter and excitement of the little ones who, I know, are sitting in a circle around Dennis while he roars and gesticulates and tells his wonderful tales.

His audience is actually not just the pre-schoolers you’d expect but some of the teenage special-needs pupils from a school close by. Regardless of size, they are all of them enraptured, joining in with cheers and chirps, and utterly engaged in the telling of today’s adventure. 

Stories are something the Irish do better than any other race and Dennis is an outstanding example.  He’s finished now and has just come upstairs for tea and the Indo.  He’s still on a high, bubbling over just like the kids! 

That’s got to be better than bubbling with resentment over real or imagined wrongs, or being bored blind by your work.  Thank goodness my work never bores me.  And I hope yours don’t neither.  Please contact me if it does so I can sort you out, in the nicest possible way of course.

Margaret Ntifo gave me a good laugh on Sunday.  She’d been reading Wry Vita and had come across my last post, "Peace Be With You".  The thrust of the posting is to love not just our friends, not just our enemies but also those people who get on our wick for good reason or not.  Instead of looking at them with impatience or loathing, we must bless them, internally saying "peace be with you".

Margaret commented thus:

Marion, this is fantastic. You have led me to this book; you know
that? I really enjoyed reading this post, and look forward to the book.

More of these, please! ..and Peace be with you!

What was she trying to say to me, I wonder?

Anyway, it gave me my first laugh on Sunday so it was greatly appreciated.

Judith made me laugh too.  I emailed her to ask her which of two new banners for a clients blog she preferred.  "A or B?" I asked.

"B" she came back.  "I preferred A" I responded to which she replied "Nothing new there then".  The wryness made me laugh.Pirate_ship

I was about to disagree with her that we always disagree when I realised that would be playing straight into her hands and proving her right.  See, she’s always playing those sorts of tricks on me.  Too clever by half, our

Lots more to talk about here on Wry Vita.  All inconsequential.  All about me, me, me.  I love it.  For now, though, I must get back to the business in hand.  Colouring and making pirate ships.

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