Heart Two of my favourite people in the world have next-door birthdays.  First, there's Joe, my pops, who yesterday was 84.  He is a grumpy old sod with a heart of solid gold.  Actually, he's less grumpy than he appears.  Fact is, he's pretty deaf and so when there's a few people around he tends to keep quiet as he can't really distinguish what's going on.  Give him the floor though and he knows how to work the crowd, especially a female one.

He is still driving his flash car and apart from the odd ache and pain he is as fit as many a man twenty years younger.  Happy birthday Joe.

Then today it is Judith's birthday and though she probably doesn't care if I tell you how young she is today, it's not really your business and besides which, like Joe, she plans to go on forever.  She isn't a grumpy old sod but again, that heart of hers is a big as a dustbin lid.

I could say a lot more about both of them and my dad wouldn't care because he's not interested in surfing the 'interweb' anyway but Judith would know I was being wickedly sycophantic so I won't bother.  I will say however that they both know I love them with all my heart and would do anything for either of them.

Meanwhile back at the ranch, there were two more unexpected birthdays…

Two of the horses yesterday had foals.  The filly born in the morning was strong but her (first time) mother had no milk and no interest in her.  There was no bonding going on at all and we feared for how the baby would fare.  The mother, obviously in some discomfort after the birth, was kicking out at the foal when the little one tried to find her teat.

Then last night the second mare gave birth, but devastating news, the colt was already dead when he arrived. 

It was a quick decision.  One horse has a foal she doesn't want and one horse wants a foal and doesn't have one.  G moved the first foal into the stable with the second mare who didn't have time to realise what had happened to her own baby.  She sniffed the new foal, got used to her smell and went straight into protective mother mode.  Within minutes the foal was getting her first drink of meal and feeling delighted to have found herself a new mum.

It was a difficult day, for G particularly, but I can't help thinking someone was on our side all the same.  Neither of the horses were due yesterday and it was quite coincidental that they should both go at the same time.

I must dig out my camera and as soon as I get some pictures I'll add them to the blog.

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