A Cute Hoor

Although I had a mountain of work to get through today, I was pleased all the same to get an early morning call from ‘the bould Berni’ telling me she was on her way into town and would pop in to pick up some bits and pieces her son had left behind after his weekend […]

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The Joy of Being a Townie
farmer and cows

I’m good at making the best of things, I really am.  People who know the inner workings of my wallet tell me I’m a brilliant money manager and I tell them I agree.  When, 20 years ago, I suffered a miscarriage I grieved for my baby and my broken dreams all while understanding that in […]

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The Quiet Man
John Wayne and Maureen O'Hara

A visit to The Quiet Man Museum today in beautiful Cong, co Mayo, wouldn’t have been half so educational without my 86 year old dad. “The Quiet Man” starred John Wayne and Maureen O’Hara and brought an enormous amount of excitement to the west of Ireland when, in 1951, Hollywood took over the village of […]

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A Timely Post

So January has turned into February and I’m just starting to get into my new year stride.  Just beginning to accept the party’s over and that’s not easy when I haven’t even reached the bottom layer of the Fox’s Favourites.  In the matter of the three boxes of Thorntons Chocolates the defendant is exercising her […]

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A Very Special Mother

If you are going to bury your mother it is best to do it on a cold sunny February day in a strange – yet familiar – place which makes an unreal event just seem all the more dreamlike. The chill was just right.  Funerals should be uncomfortable, I think, especially when you are saying […]

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