Yes I know it’s Wednesday but I’m feeling shocking abundant and brimming over with gratitude.  Besides which I was really making an effort to stay away from the computer on Sunday and it’s taken me two and a half days to get my blog act together.  And this is my reward for working hard so far this week.

I can’t think of a better way to start the week than tapping (EFT) and by 11am Monday I’d spent two happy hours tapping with clients followed by a further hour’s tap with Judith that evening.  Even working with a client’s issues,the power of EFT is such that you can’t help but benefit yourself, much as when coaching a client, you come off the phone feeling so energised and motivated yourself. 

However, a more detailed discussion of ‘borrowing benefits’ and surrogate tapping will have to follow because I’ve more work I’m dying to get to and for now this is purely a gratitude fest for my wonderful last seven days.  Starting with the slug in the kitchen sink and those chicken nuggets in my handbag…

Right now I’m grateful for:

  • Mr Binman
  • Gerbera
    The joy of working
  • My kitchen gerbera
  • Ann Ross who tapped me out of eating Twirls, in ten short minutes, on 19th August, no doubt to the horror of the local petrol station who now have a dozen boxes going rapidly out of date.  Ann, by the way, is running a two day Procrastination Tap-Fest this weekend and further details can be found here
  • Discovering my dream kitchen lies just across the boreen in a newly-built house.  Will the owner spot me squatting in his kitchen?
  • The slug in my kitchen sink this morning which, though horribly long, was pale and interesting and which obligingly whooshed down the plug hole with the first pint of water I threw its way
  • Steam irons
  • Dromline_dawn
  • Mahon Point shopping centre
  • Waking up to a Dromline dawn
  • My parents who this week have made it to 57 years of marriage and who are simply the best, better than all the rest
  • Business blog angels
  • Contact lenses
  • Discovering the chicken nuggets in my handbag after only 4 days.  Pretty hard to beat my previous personal best – a pack of Boursin in my rucksack only discovered several months after that great holiday
  • Catnip
    Surrogate tapping which took me an hour to do and attracted £350 into my bank account every month for an indefinite period!
  • Cats in window boxes
  • Marie Taylor
  • The Abundant Coaches who brought laughter and frustration to my life yesterday
  • Jake’s trampoline which helped me bounce away the frustration till I was laughing again
  • Walking the dog
  • The Dog Whisperer.  You’ve changed our lives, Cesar
  • Fried onions
  • Tesco double-point vouchers
  • Vonnie and her spare school tie
  • Flexing my courage muscle
  • Always having enough money
  • And food
  • Footgloves
  • Leather settees
  • A decluttered office
  • September sunshine
  • The view

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