Marion Ryan of WryVitaWhat would you like to know?  I try to explain the bits that matter in the pages of this blog.  I tell a good story.  Maybe it was watching Jackanory all those years or maybe it’s just in the blood – we are Irish you know – but I think I write a pretty tale.

The biggest complaint I get from people who like what I say is that I don’t say it often enough.  I think nothing of writing a couple of blog posts and then leaving you dangling for weeks while I get back on the battlefield of daily life.  But you’d get sick of me if I wrote more often and some of the finer things in life, like champagne, chocolate and bed are all the better to be appreciated in small yet perfect quantities.

Right now – Jan 2010 – I am on a mission with best bud, Judith, to get up more than an hour earlier than usual, in order to write.  She’s sick of me putting work before my writing, or rather she’s sick of my excuses and whining so I am planning to get back into the WryVita thing with gusto.

Do visit me here often, won’t you?  And please, please leave a comment if you are moved to.  Don’t try and sell us your medication though because your comments won’t get through.  If you need to contact me at all, drop an E to marion@marionryan.com