It’s been a funny old week on the food and juice front.

I  had no sooner decided to turbo-charge my life with Judith Morgan – see – than my new eating habits went pear-shaped, or rather chocolate-muffin-shaped.

Now, I don’t really want to dwell on this as I’ve already made a public confession on the above blog.  But it has brought home to me that if I’m to do this successfully I must take some time and get prepared.  At its most simple this means going out and buying in a fantastic selection of vegetables and fruit so I can make any one of my favourite juices whenever I want and not give up because I’ve run out of spinach or cucumbers.

Preparation also means working out the best routine for me.  I love starting the morning by preparing a juice which I then pour into a flask that’s been chilling all night in the freezer.  If I drink it when I make it (7am) then by lunchtime I’m starving.  So instead, I sip at my desk around 9.30 and it keeps me satisfied till lunchtime.

In the meantime, I drink oceans of mineral water (often with a slice or two of lemon) and a very occasional herbal tea.  I can’t believe I’ve resisted water for so long.  It is so tasty. 

I’m pleased that despite my chocolate sins this week I didn’t decide to throw in the towel.  I didn’t want to go on a binge which is what I’d have done in the past.  Nor did I wake up the next morning feeling like I’d failed in some dreadful way.  Because when I feel like that, I decide ‘as well be hung for a sheep as a lamb’.

The fridges are full again of all kinds of green (and yellow, orange, purple, red) veggies.  I’m going to try an aduki bean and sweet potato casserole this week and I’m excited again about the opportunity to keep turbo-charging my life.

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