We’re playing blog-tag again.  I quite like this game as I don’t run out of puff or get a stitch half way through.  Andrea Lee tagged Sandra de Freitas who tagged Judith Morgan who didn’t tag me cos I was same ol’, same ol’ and who can blame her for wanting fresh meat so she tagged Claire Chapman who promptly tagged me so I wasn’t left sitting on the sidelines for too long.

Before I get started, here, let me share with you the two secrets of my success:

  1. Don’t tell people everything you know

Gotcha!  So, here goes:

  1. I don’t smoke and I very nearly don’t drink.  I gave up the ‘oily rags’ in May 2005 and in the last three months I’ve drunk the sum total of a glass of wine.  Those who knew me in the days when I’d smoke a pack of Marlboro before lunch and go straight from work to the pub will hardly believe I now heartily recommend such sobriety and abstinence. 

    To be truthful, I now regard nicotine and booze as poisons I don’t want in my system.  Sorry to be such a kill-joy but don’t despair of me, I’ve still got my share of unhealthy habits I’ve not yet conquered.  I’m just saying that regardless of the many gorgeous excesses one can get away with in one’s youth, it is hard to function effectively and aim for success when you’re not as fit and healthy as possible.

  2. I carry out small acts of kindness.  Not that they’d feature on the Mother Teresa scale of goodness but they give the people in my life a lift, I hope.  Some of my small acts are as simple as taking time to be gentle and loving towards our pets.  (Some folk think pets aren’t really people but that’s ok).  Blackie, for example, was a rather unloveable beast till I started giving her love and attention and she’s now a delightful little cat who doesn’t give me the grief I get from her sister, brother and nephew.

    I can be impatient at times and get irritated with certain people who Judith and Jan know I refer to as our "gifts".  So one of the many deals I make with the universe is to say a prayer for any ‘gift’ who’s been particularly annoying today.  Some days it hardly seems worth getting off my knees.

  3. I make time for fun.  This comes in all shapes and sizes.  I love laughing (naturellement) and on rare occasions, like this morning, I can laugh at my own wit which is always useful when there’s no one else to play with.  I have one or two favourite TV programmes and don’t subscribe to the view that TV is evil.  I hate to miss The Apprentice or Dragons Den.  I’m interested to see if Ruth "The Badger"’s new show is any good.  I’ve just noticed it starts later this evening on Sky 1. 

    Even if these shows a’re more fantasy than reality TV I don’t mind.  I even sometimes start the day with a glass of hot water and lemon and the Barefoot Contessa.  I know, I know, I should be doing my prosperity affirmations at that time but I figure the Contessa is an affirmation of prosperity.

  4. I hope that every single day, and not just nearly always, I am 100% ME.  Authenticity is paramount, especially when – as a coach or service professional – people are to a large extent buying you, rather than a product.  I don’t always like Marion Ryan but I think it’s really important to continue being her, otherwise who else will be? 

    What do I mean by authenticity?  Being honest about who I am, what I’ve done and what I can do.  It means sharing enough of the crap that people feel they can trust me when I share the great stuff.  It doesn’t mean telling you everything, I don’t think I have to bare my soul to anyone but I don’t pretend to be someone I’m not. 

    Authenticity also means being creative and innovative, spending time developing your own ideas rather than pinching someone else’s cos it saves time!  [This doesn’t mean you have to reinvent the wheel, of course] 

  5. Ok, now here’s the biggest secret from the world’s largest collector (by which I mean the collection is the world’s largest, rather than me) of self help, personal development, guru worshipping literature.  I’ve tried everything from chanting, tapping, attracting, meditating, visualising and subliminal messaging to finding my inner angel, evicting my gremlin and awakening the giant within. 

    It is all good powerful stuff and NONE of it works till I do.  The truth is that I am most successful when I write, talk, send out a newsletter, attend a network meeting, run a teleclass, design a coaching programme, blog, pick up the phone to a new contact, email a former client, plot a strategic partnership with a valued business colleague…

Now the next action for me to take is to go find five others who want to spill the beans about the daily secrets of their success.  Is that you?  Drop me a comment below if you’d like me to tag you, or just share some of your own secrets with us here.

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