Somehow or another, I’ve not got back to Wry Vita for over a week.  Life is busy.  I’ve been glued to my computer screen for long hours every day, yes including Saturday and Sunday.  I was even on the phone to GoDaddy on Friday night till almost midnight sorting out a domain problem for a client.

I’m not proud of that but nor am I beating myself up too badly over this.  When you’re starting a business (as I am with ReadySteadyBlog) it often necessitates working harder than you’d ever work for someone else.  I am loving it, otherwise I wouldn’t be doing it, but I need to be careful to take a break and not let it become a permanent habit.

So I’m just trying to remember what has happened for me in the last week that is fun, exciting or newsworthy…

Does the kettle fusing all the electrics in the house count as newsworthy?  No, I didn’t think so either. 

I did go and see a very nice house on Friday that could be my next home.  It is ten minutes walk from the centre of town (a small one but a town all the same) which means it’s rather less remote than where we are now and we would have ordinary neighbours rather than farmers.

It’s very close to being the home I created in my vision last year – it’s full of light, has a large kitchen with sun room adjoining to make it even bigger and brighter and an attic conversion that would make the perfect den for noisy little boys.  There’s even an adjoining luxurious two bed apartment so there’s a lot to think about.

This weekend two of my favourite people are celebrating their birthdays and neither of them is me.  Yesterday my pop was 83 and today Judith is trailing 30 years behind him.

It had never occurred to me that their birthdays are so close together so I’m wondering now how alike they are.  They both have a great sense of humour and both highly intelligent.  Both exceptionally self disciplined and hard working.  Loyal, kind and very caring.

Hold on, let’s check them out.  Are they Taureans or Arians? 

Arians are described as Daring, Risk-taker, Energetic, Friendly, Careless, Impulsive, Childish

Taureans as Stubborn, Stable, Cautious, Comfort-seeker, Deliberate, Slow

It has to be Aries then, doesn’t it, with a touch of Taurean stubbornness, in my dad’s case anyway.

Oh no.  Can’t be right. I’m not happy about this at all.  I now discover they’re Taureans, by birth date anyway, if not by character.

I once had a Taurean boyfriend.  He used to tell me he was born on 10th May but his birthday was 11th May.  Honest.  He was French, perhaps that has something to do with it.  I often wonder about him.  He lost his job "a cause de tes beaux yeux" he used to tell me, and pretty soon his mother, fed up of having an unemployed son and his older foreign girlfriend hanging around the place, threw us out.

We lived in the station waiting room for a few days before meeting his pal, Bunny, who cheerfully invited us to come and live in his brother’s one bed apartment with an array of other waifs and strays.  It was a very happy time and it came to an end only when Bibi had to complete his service militaire and I returned to London. 

It’s strange to think how many alternative lives we could have led, isn’t it?  How one decision – or lack thereof  changes the course of our life forever.  It’s best not to even think about the millionaire I’d have met if I’d turned left instead of right, chosen Italian instead of Indian, joined the calligraphy class instead of the darts team.

And the opposite is true too, obviously.  I could have suffered a million disasters if I’d taken a different road, and instead I’ve avoided them.  I have lots to be grateful for, including my dad and my friend, Judith.

Happy birthday folks.

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  • Grace Marshall

    I’m Taurean, and I will admit I am stubborn…
    I had an Arian boyfriend once, who was most definitely slow, deliberate, cautious and I might add dull. Definitely not a risk-taker (or maybe he was, to go out with me in the first place hehe). Or perhaps I’m still jaded over being dumped for A’level exams.


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