Big Pants and Almond Slices

I had a lovely email from Bee of 50 Plus Life Design yesterday morning telling me I’d won their ‘book of the month’ competition.  Ironically it’s called "Unbelievably Good Deals and Great Adventures that you Absolutely Can’t Get Unless You’re Over 50" so I’m afraid it’s many great adventures I absolutely can’t get for aeons […]

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Swanning Around

As I was leaving yesterday to go pick up J from school, I came back inside for my camera, knowing I’d find something I wanted to capture of that beautiful day.  Sure enough, when I got to school with its lovely lake I saw that Mr and Mrs Swan had brought their babies out for […]

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Boosting Your Energy with Grace Marshall

Grace asked “What are your personal energy boosting tips?”
I didn’t answer her immediately. As it was the weekend I had to pretend that I wasn’t (still) sitting in front of my laptop… I mulled over the topic though as it’s a useful one for someone like me, a person of extremes, who feels that if I put down the job and go and have fun I might just forget to come back and pick up the baton again.

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